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Horrible Histories – Great Britain 2016 – ……?

Index* David Cameron* Financial Crisis/Austerity* Nigel Farage* Brexit* Boris Johnson* Theresa May* Boris Johnson* Covid-19* Boris Johnson* Lockdowns* Dominic Cummings* Downing Street parties* Ukraine – Russian invasion* Boris Johnson* The Conservative Party* Energy prices* Liz Truss* Financial Crisis* Strikes And that’s just skimming across the surface with a few names and events. Did I miss… Read More »

When will they ever learn?

From today’s Guardian: “May held her farewell drinks in Downing Street on Monday night with MPs from across the spectrum of the Tory party and the Democratic Unionist party in attendance, telling them in a short speech that their priority was stopping Corbyn entering Downing Street.” It adequately sums up a disastrous reign as Prime… Read More »