More airborne absurdity

If you’re flying on a scheduled airline there are a number of rituals that are religiously adhered to once everyone is seated and the aircraft is pushed back from the gate. Just preceding this moment, the very smooth talking Captain or First Officer will express their delight at having you on board and tell you whose capable hands you are being entrusted to in the cabin today. He/she will also give you a hint of what weather to expect at the destination, how high you will fly, and how long the flight time will be. He/she will also apologise for the delay in departing due to either the late arrival of the in-bound aircraft, or something to do with air . . . → Read More: More airborne absurdity

The Absurdity of Air Travel

How long does it take to get from A to B and back? For my last trip ‘B’ was Dusseldorf; ‘A’; is a constant (Home). Travel time A to Heathrow = 40mins, transfer from car park to terminal = 5mins, flight time = 60mins, transfer from airport to hotel = 15mins. Adding up, it comes to a total of 2 hours door to door; double up because I came home, so 2 + 2 = 4; therefore it takes 4 hrs to get to Dusseldorf and back. So why was the total elapsed time for my journey 13hrs? Or to put it another way, only 30% of the journey time actually involved physically moving towards the destination. Ah, the joy . . . → Read More: The Absurdity of Air Travel