Schrödinger’s Mouse

Its Thursday 9th July – I’m hosting another lockdown Zoom call for about 20 people at 5:30pm. At 5:25pm, I bring up the Zoom App on my iMac with a couple of mouse clicks. The call is set up on the Zoom schedule, so all that is needed now is to click the start button, but there’s still a couple of minutes to go, so I pop into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. A minute or so later, I’m back at my desk, a quick check of the time, it’s 5:29pm, so I reach across for the mouse to click the start button, but the mouse isn’t there!!! Where is my mouse???? Where has it gone???? . . . → Read More: Schrödinger’s Mouse

Spying on the Scammers

Somewhere in the depths of this blog is a personal account of one way in which I dealt with a potential scammer.  We all know that these guys represent some form of low-life, devoid of any sense of honesty, and who prey on vulnerable people to make money under false pretences.  BBC Panorama recently ran a programme exposing some of these practices, “Spying on the Scammers”.  The programme was based on material supplied by Jim Browning (not his real name) who was able to contact a scammer in Dehli, allowing the scammer to connect to his PC, but then using some technical wizardry, Jim was able to reverse the connection. This allowed him to see exactly what the scammers were doing, not . . . → Read More: Spying on the Scammers

It’s time for a makeover

After sitting static for a while, the Bolt Hole has been given a makeover. A few years ago I came across a quote, attributed to Woody Guthrie, the American folk singer, that says ‘Any fool can make something complicated; it takes a genius to make it simple’. That makes a lot of sense to me, although I have absolutely no idea of the context in which the quote was made. So let’s get this straight, I make no claims to be a genius; simple, yes: genius, no. As far as the Bolt Hole is concerned, it’s more a case of having a good clear out and tidy up. At the time of writing, there’s still a few things to do . . . → Read More: It’s time for a makeover

Windows’ support scam ringleader convicted

A Windows’ support scam ringleader has been convicted for masterminding a familiar scam in promising to fix non-existent problems on Windows PCs. Sadly its just the tip of the iceberg; one down, but quite a few more to go. I’ve had a number of these calls over the past year or so, the latest two being within the last fortnight. Here’s how I deal with them.

The opening gambit is that the automatic problem reporting system on my PC has indicated that some malware/virus etc. will cause something bad to happen very soon, but fortunately they can help me resolve the problem immediately. At this point, I play the total innocent and express great concern that my PC may . . . → Read More: Windows’ support scam ringleader convicted

I’m now a Pebbler….apparently!

I have a Pebble!

About a year ago, like a lot of other people, I became a backer of the Pebble Smart Watch project on Kickstarter. Well, it’s taken a while, but a few days ago my Black Pebble finally arrived, approx. 6 months later than originally forecast. The technology hype machine is forecasting Smart Watches as the next strategic move from Apple, amongst others, so Pebble may be first-to-market, but they may be facing some heavyweight challenges soon.

A Pebble

. . . → Read More: I’m now a Pebbler….apparently!