Ride the River

For the past few years I’ve had the privilege of serving London Youth Rowing (LYR) as a volunteer photographer. Photography was in my background: rowing wasn’t.  

London Youth Rowing is a remarkable organisation that works to:

Encourage disadvantaged young people to be active, and improve their physical, social and mental wellbeingHelp develop crucial life skills, which are necessary for success in the classroom and the workplaceEnable young people to participate in the unique sport – indoor and on-water rowing – across London, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability or abilityNurture determination and success in a new generation of rowers

I grew up with football: it felt as if it was in my DNA. It was easy – if you had . . . → Read More: Ride the River

The Summer of 2016: Brexit and Rio

Sport and politics – an uncomfortable partnership: one has the ability to excite and inspire, the other the the ability to depress and confuse, but which?

This summer in the UK has been dominated by two major news items – the Brexit vote, which has left us all confused and frustrated, and in Rio, a remarkably successful performance by Team GB in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Brexit delivered an unexpected result, which we are trying to come to terms with. The outcome is generating all manner of speculation, doom-mongering and negativity. There’s a good few column inches devoted to analysing the result, and the emerging consensus suggests that the vote reflected an opportunity for the electorate to express an unprecedented . . . → Read More: The Summer of 2016: Brexit and Rio

Robbie’s Marathon

At the time of writing, we’re just a few days away from this year’s running of the London Marathon. In amongst the runners this year will be a young man taking on the 26.2 mile challenge from a different perspective. His name is Robbie, and Robbie is autistic. The severity of his autism means that his day to day life is not without challenge, he requires 1 to 1 support to engage in everyday activity. A simple change in stimuli or a slight change in routine can lead to Robbie lashing out at those closest to him. He may become very angry and upset with a situation and his family and friends are vital in helping him to overcome these . . . → Read More: Robbie’s Marathon