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Brexit: The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good

It’s all ugly, it’s all bad, and the good?  Well, John Crace gets the award.  His regular column in the Guardian provides the only glimmer of sanity as the Ship of Fools heads blindly towards the Euro-iceberg, with dear Theresa thrusting gloriously from the bows, peering into the abyss, whilst the rest of her crew are busy… Read More »

The Ship of Fools

The Houses of Parliament: the museum of British politics – a crumbling edifice, home to a crumbling government, devoid of responsibility, devoid of leadership, and devoid of respect. When was the last time our government did anything to make us feel proud to be British?

The Summer of 2016: Brexit and Rio

Sport and politics – an uncomfortable partnership: one has the ability to excite and inspire, the other the the ability to depress and confuse, but which? This summer in the UK has been dominated by two major news items – the Brexit vote, which has left us all confused and frustrated, and in Rio, a… Read More »

Independence Day?

I awoke this morning confidently expecting to find that the result of the UK referendum had been to ‘remain’ in Europe.  I was wrong; I was shocked, and left wondering just what the future held, not just for the UK, but also for Europe.  It’s been a long, long day. There has been an understandable… Read More »