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Yesterday was spent in Chichester – a photographic away-day.  It’s one of those things I do from time to time – just take the day off, armed with a camera, and see what happens.  I’ve no recollection of visiting Chichester before, so it was a day of discovery, starting in the city centre – mainly… Read More »

The art of constructive criticism

This is about subjectiveness, personal opinion and taste…..and photography. I’ve just completed a 2 year home study course for a Diploma in Digital Photography from the School of Photographic Imaging. The course is about mastering digital techniques for photography, with regard to image capture (getting the best out of your camera) and post processing (getting… Read More »

Berlin, and business travel

To the uninitiated, business travel can seem exciting; to the initiated, its probably quite the opposite.  But occasionally a trip may crop up where there’s a chance to gain a bit of compensation for the hours spent hanging around airports, staring at hotel walls and sitting in restaurants on you own wondering if every other diner has you… Read More »