Taking pictures

I’m not too sure how this all came about, well I am really, but it’s the law of unintended consequences, if there is such a law. I can attribute photography to be one of the more innocent pastimes of my youth, which has now become an incredibly enjoyable ‘senior’ activity. I have vague, early recollections of wrestling with conventional film, loading it into a camera, retrieving it 24 or 36 shots later, and then sending it away to be developed and printed. At some stage, the acquisition of developing tanks and an enlarger, resulted in converting the bathroom in my parents’ house into a dark room (temporarily, after checking nobody would need the facilities for the next hour or . . . → Read More: Taking pictures

Ride the River

For the past few years I’ve had the privilege of serving London Youth Rowing (LYR) as a volunteer photographer. Photography was in my background: rowing wasn’t.  

London Youth Rowing is a remarkable organisation that works to:

Encourage disadvantaged young people to be active, and improve their physical, social and mental wellbeingHelp develop crucial life skills, which are necessary for success in the classroom and the workplaceEnable young people to participate in the unique sport – indoor and on-water rowing – across London, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability or abilityNurture determination and success in a new generation of rowers

I grew up with football: it felt as if it was in my DNA. It was easy – if you had . . . → Read More: Ride the River

Images of London #3

The Emirates Crossing

A full set of these images can be found here: London Collection

Fun runners in the London Big Half

Just another Sunday morning on the streets of London. Click Read More to view.

Images of London #2

The Millennium Bridge

A full set of these images can be found here: London Collection

Images of London #1

This is the first of an assortment of images I’ve taken in and around London.

St Pauls Cathedral in the early evening

A full set of these images can be found here: London Collection

Some of my favourite photos

An assortment of photos I've taken that I really like

These are some of my personal favourites, arranged in a slideshow. The location of where some of these photos were taken is obvious; others less so, but the full span is the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Madeira, Germany, Austria, Vietnam and the USA.

Click the photo to go to the slideshow.

A Day in Boston

…not strictly true – the photos were taken over two days, a year apart! They were taken mainly around Boston Harbour, carefully avoiding the ‘Boston Tea Party’ exhibits – us Brits don’t like to talk about that too much!

Both visits to Boston were business-related (a conference). This year’s conference was held at the Hyatt Boston Harbour hotel – it appears in the video – and offered the most amazing conference room with a rather distracting backdrop – the view across Boston Harbour:


Saracens’ Pioneers – The Movie

By way of explanation, this is a slideshow built from a number of photographs of the Saracens’ Pioneers, the matchday volunteers at Saracens Rugby Club. The vast majority of the photos were taken on two matchdays and the slideshow attempts to convey ‘a day in the life of’ Pioneers, from arrival at the stadium, the briefing, deployment to the various matchday roles, build up to the match, and finally a gallery of happy smiling faces!

The full set of photos from which the slideshow is built is accessible here on SmugMug.


Yesterday was spent in Chichester – a photographic away-day. It’s one of those things I do from time to time – just take the day off, armed with a camera, and see what happens. I’ve no recollection of visiting Chichester before, so it was a day of discovery, starting in the city centre – mainly around the cathedral, before heading to Chichester Harbour, well actually West Itchenor, one of the locations spread generously along the extensive waterway that is labelled Chichester Harbour.

Some of the photographs are here. There are two buttons in the bottom corner of the screen: SL selects SlideShow and FS selects Full Screen