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London 2012 – the Legacy

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the real legacy of London 2012 was the Olympic spirit, as demonstrated by the athletes, the spectators and the volunteers?  Instead, we’re probably doomed to a few years of endless proposals, counter proposals and arguments by politicians about finance, bricks and mortar, the environment and sustainability.  I can’t help feeling… Read More »

London 2012 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Here’s a few thoughts, based on my experiences and opinions of London 2012: The Good The Olympic Spirit – despite all of the rampant commercialism, the sport, the athletes, the spectators and the volunteers all came through with endless praise, and demonstrated what London and Britain is all about, a thoroughly refreshing change from the… Read More »

London 2012 – How I Became a Games Maker

On July 6th 2005 I was flying back from a conference in Germany and as the flight crossed east London I could see a sign supporting the London bid for the 2012 Olympics painted of the roof of a building.  This was the day that the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games would be… Read More »

The London Olympics – London 2012

Over the last couple of weeks London has rocked, playing host to the 2012 Olympic Games.  I had the honour and great pleasure of being selected as a ‘GamesMaker’ – one of the volunteer force supporting the games.  It proved to be a totally unforgettable experience, but just in case I do start to forget,… Read More »