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Team GB post-Olympics Parade

How often does your name come out of the hat?  A limited number of places were available to members of the London Olympics volunteer force for the Team GB parade in London on Sept 10th.  The parade started at Mansion House and worked its way through Central London to Buckingham Palace.  The Mall was only… Read More »

London 2012 – A Family Affair?

If you’ve ploughed your way through my posts on the volunteering experience at London 2012, and still haven’t had enough, Daughter No.1 was also a GamesMaker, different venue, different role, and you can read her stories at I’m not being paid for this plug; it’s just a family thing!

Football vs. The Olympic Games

There has been a one-week hiatus between the end of the Olympic Games and the start of the new football season.  Almost predictably the media have been filling he gap by pumping out a number of articles and TV debates, comparing the culture, morality and behaviour associated with football, with those qualities we’ve witnessed in London2012.… Read More »

London 2012 – Final thoughts

London 2012, by all accounts, has delivered what it promised in terms of a memorable Olympic Games that caught the attention of the world.  The opening and closing ceremonies said something about us British in a way that probably hasn’t been said before, which might just have been a defining moment, and instead of forever… Read More »

London 2012 – The Technology Team @Wembley

This is just an explanation of the role of the Technology Team at Wembley Stadium and how it was structured.  The team’s role was basically to provide the underlying technology to facilitate all aspects of communication within the venue.  This meant providing the infrastructure and all of the communications equipment such as PCs, fixed telephones,… Read More »

London 2012 – Wembley Stadium

Wembley has always been an iconic stadium in the world of football.  The original stadium with it’s ‘twin towers’ was the home of England’s national team, and the setting for FA Cup Finals, European Club and International tournaments, and the World Cup in 1966.  It’s demolition to make way for the new stadium caused a… Read More »

London 2012 – The Football Tournament

Football seems to be a peripheral event for the Olympics.  Due to the prevalence of men’s football as a major global sport with its own regional and global tournaments, there are conditions laid down about the constitution of the qualifying teams in the Olympic tournament; basically, it’s an under 23 tournament, with 3 over-age players… Read More »

London 2012 – Memorabilia

An Olympic Games in your home city is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and wanting to preserve memories and/or collect some mementos is a pretty natural thing.  For months leading up to the Games, I was being bombarded by emails encouraging me to spend surprising large amounts of cash on depressingly poor London 2012 goods.  Somehow the… Read More »

London 2012 Working with the Technology Team at Wembley

July 9th 9:00am – the adventure begins. I was assigned directly to the Venue Technology Manager, Germana Gili.  I was later to learn that Germana was a former member of the Italian National Skeleton squad – that’s the ‘sport’ where you lay headfirst on a tea tray and launch yourself down a mountainside at suicidal… Read More »