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In Days Gone By

Somewhere in the bowels of this website, there’s a post entitled ‘About music’ which I wrote over 10 years ago.  It served as an explanation, reason or excuse for my indulgence in playing the guitar, a journey hampered by limited talent and no knowledge of music theory but fuelled by wishful thinking.  The post provided an account… Read More »

A Day in Boston

…not strictly true – the photos were taken over two days, a year apart!  They were taken mainly around Boston Harbour, carefully avoiding the ‘Boston Tea Party’ exhibits  – us Brits don’t like to talk about that too much! Both visits to Boston were business-related (a conference).  This year’s conference was held at the Hyatt Boston Harbour… Read More »

Pioneering – the musical

Picking up on the ‘Pioneers’ story in my previous post about ‘Doing Something for Nothing‘, I’ve re-worked and remixed one of the guitar instrumentals I recorded a while ago in order to dedicate it to the amazing group of matchday volunteers at the Saracens Rugby Club stadium, Allianz Park.  (They may hate me for this!)… Read More »

Some new material: well, work in progress really.

Two new original instrumentals, and two vocals ‘Stay’ and ‘Hidden in my Eyes’, provided by Hayley Carter.  ‘Hidden in my Eyes’ is an original by Hayley.  ‘Aquamarine’ was the last effort that I recorded with my faithful old Yamaha AES620.  It’s gone to a new home, and has been replaced by an Epiphone Ultra-339, which features on… Read More »

All places on the verandah are taken!

The final three candidates have taken their place in music project No.2, ‘On the Verandah’.  The three, ‘In the Dark’, ‘Cassola’, and ‘In the Cittie’, are in the listing on My Music page, and are also on SoundCloud…….. and now on BandPage, but available here: Acorde on BandPage.  Acorde??? what’s that?  Well I have to… Read More »

More music

Another candidate has made it on to the 2nd phase of my personal music project. This one is called Muppet; there’s a reason for the title, but that’s my secret 🙂 I keep wondering how many ‘latent’ musicians there are in the world. In two recent, and totally unrelated conversations I’ve come across a couple… Read More »

Plat du Jour

The latest addition to My Music is ‘Plat du Jour’. I can’t say that there is any significance in the title, but it’s another step towards coming to terms with home recording. I’ve wrapped up phase one as a set of 12 recordings under the title of “Going through the Phases’. The terminology is associated… Read More »

I’m no recording star, and that’s OK.

I read a really interesting blog post by Michael Milton ‘I’m No Guitar Hero and I’m Okay with That (Now)’, and boy, did it resonate with me.  Having devoted a fair proportion of my formative years trying to master a fourth chord to add to my previous portfolio of three, I found that a family… Read More »