About Me:

My career path: Analytical Chemist, Analytical Systems Manager, R&D Systems Manager, IS Business Support Manager, Consultant.
I ran my own consultancy company (phaseFour Informatics Ltd), specialising in laboratory informatics and electronic laboratory notebooks up till the end of 2014.  Away from the office, my time was divided between three major interests, rugby (Director and Communications Officer for the Saracens Supporters Association), photography and music.

I set out on phase five at the start of 2015, with the broad intent of pursuing various volunteer opportunities, primarily around sporting events, having been significantly influenced by being a GamesMaker at the London Olympics in 2012, and then the British Grand Prix in 2014.  By chance, photography provided an opportunity to enhance the volunteering experience, firstly by being adopted as the ‘official’ photographer for the Saracens Sport Foundation, then finding further opportunities with London Youth Games, Chinese New Year, Lords Cricket Ground and London Youth Rowing.

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Other stuff:
ex-soccer player, marathon runner, occasional golfer, bookworm, music, walking, enjoy and take advantage of good technology (get mad at the bad stuff), and 57 other things.

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