Horrible Histories – Great Britain 2016 – ……?

By | December 4, 2022

* David Cameron
* Financial Crisis/Austerity
* Nigel Farage
* Brexit
* Boris Johnson
* Theresa May
* Boris Johnson
* Covid-19
* Boris Johnson
* Lockdowns
* Dominic Cummings
* Downing Street parties
* Ukraine – Russian invasion
* Boris Johnson
* The Conservative Party
* Energy prices
* Liz Truss
* Financial Crisis
* Strikes

And that’s just skimming across the surface with a few names and events. Did I miss something? Dig a bit deeper and out come all of the lies, the law breaking, the cronyism, the obsession with profit, wealth and power, even more lies, and putting the ‘party’ first above all else…. that’s democracy, eh?

When you add it all up it’s difficult to even articulate the overwhelming sense of frustration and anger with the failure of successive governments to do what they were supposedly elected to do; I.e. govern! But increasingly there’s a concern about the word ‘elect’ – it’s technically correct since we still are entitled to go to the local polling station, when an election is taking place, and write a cross against a preferred candidate’s name, but for most of us now, that’s where democracy ends. Once you’re elected and on the gravy train, there’s no need to worry about the trivia that bothers citizens!

And there you have it; a country with a somewhat checkered history up to 2016, but the days of Empire, a crumbling Commonwealth, and Europe are all behind us. We seem to be not much more than a nasty, self-obsessed little country, governed by a self-obsessed cartel of ‘we know best’ beings, heading backwards into a miserable future. We’ve sold our soul to Russian Oligarchs, Chinese, Middle Eastern and other billionaires; most of the country, it’s assets, and services seem to belong to anyone but us, and we pay for the privilege of renting it back.

Hey, ho – that’s life, and that’s not even touching on the climate crisis.

One thought on “Horrible Histories – Great Britain 2016 – ……?

  1. David

    Best not to touch the climate or you’ll get burned.
    Oh, and you forgot Boris.
    Me, I’m off somewhere warm. That island in Hawaii sounds about right. Might try their lava bread.


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