Let’s talk about coffee

By | February 19, 2021

A short while ago I made a comment on a website devoted mainly to Scotch Whisky, about some similarities in the process of producing certain drinks, i.e. sourcing of raw materials, the equipment involved, and the production process. I also referred to the subtleties of flavour and taste, that generate interest and debate. And of course, there’s the social role that drinks can fulfil as the focus for meeting friends for a beer, a glass of wine, etc.

The basis of my comment was that coffee stood alongside Scotch Whisky, beer and wine, when you took all of these factors into account, albeit with the absence of alcohol in the final product. Despite the fact that almost 100 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK everyday, its provenance is a bit of a mystery.

I should have kept my mouth shut! Having raised the topic, I was invited to write an article about coffee, but there’s been no follow up about delivering or publishing it. So, I’m publishing it here ‘Let’s talk about Coffee’

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