Great Britain Ltd?

By | March 8, 2019

Was there ever a time when politics and politicians felt as totally and collectively incompetent as our current elected representatives?   Locked in divisive and failed ideologies, unwilling to change, intent only on, or bound by polarized party agendas that are out of touch with reality, and which ignore the basic principles of democracy.  For decades we have been increasingly treated by successive governments as clients, rather than citizens, subjected to agendas that feed the establishment and drive inequality, austerity, extreme poverty, and allow the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

No doubt, there are honest, caring and wel meaning members of parliament, but the established processes afford them little or no degrees of freedom to act as representatives. Anyone who expresses an opinion outside of the party line is cast as a pariah.  The expectation that a government’s responsibility is to deliver a national infrastructure and services that meet citizens needs in order to provide them with the opportunity to lead happy and successful lives has been cast to the private sector whose primary objective is profit. Is it just a matter of time before Great Britain abandons parliament and appoints a Board of Directors and a Chief Executive?

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