TEDx HoP – alphabet soup, or something rather special?

By | June 16, 2013

Last year’s Christmas present from Daughter No.2 was a voucher to attend a TEDx Talks event of my choice; the only condition was that she would come too!  Smart girl!  [TEDx is the branding for independently organised TED Talk event (Ideas Worth Spreading)].  I chose TEDx Houses of Parliament, which had lined up speakers and performers sharing ideas under the theme of Democracy and Representation.  Last Friday was the big day, and what an amazing and inspiring day it turned out to be, with speakers from all walks of life presenting and sharing their ideas and achievements.

There was almost too much to take in, but here’s just a few of the highlights:


Markham Nolan, Managing Editor of Storyful, illustrating the power, dangers and misuse of social media in newsgathering.


Jamal Edwards, Founder and CEO of SB.TV, 22yrs old and who lives on a west London estate and has created SB.TV and turned it into a global brand (Jamal Edwards the Media Mogul)


Natashca Engel MP and Richard Heaton (Permanent Secretary of the Cabinet Office) highlighting, the power and mis-use of language from quite different perspectives (spin, evasive dialogue, legal precision) and the need for a greater clarity in the spoken word.


Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, touching on the democratising of manufacturing being brought about by the availability of tools such as 3D printers, and organising a poll on whether home 3D printing should be regulated.  The result of the poll was ‘No’, but a surprisingly high number voted ‘Yes’, probably influenced by showing photos of a home ‘printed’ handgun.


Jeremy Silver, Entrepreneur, investor and advisor in digital media, tracing the history of a traditional slave song through to its more modern variations and renditions as high-earning popular music – high earning for the artists and not for the originators.


Baroness O’Neill CBE FBA, Chair of the Human Rights Commission, drawing attention to the need for greater trustworthiness, rather than increasing regulation.


Baroness Kidron OBE, Film Producer, listing ten things she hates about the internet


Suli Breaks, Spoken Word Poet; Why I Hate School But Love Education


Rt. Hon. Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC; There is no such word as ‘can’t’ unless you have tried and tried again.


And perhaps the most remarkable story of all, from Jack Andraka, High School Student, who at the age of 15 created a paper sensor that can detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer in just 5 minutes.  Just watch.


Can’t wait for next Christmas J

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