The Absurdity of Air Travel

By | November 26, 2012

How long does it take to get from A to B and back?  For my last trip ‘B’ was Dusseldorf; ‘A’; is a constant (Home).  Travel time A to Heathrow = 40mins, transfer from car park to terminal = 5mins, flight time = 60mins, transfer from airport to hotel = 15mins.  Adding up, it comes to a total of 2 hours door to door; double up because I came home, so 2  + 2 = 4; therefore it takes 4 hrs to get to Dusseldorf and back.  So why was the total elapsed time for my journey 13hrs?  Or to put it another way, only 30% of the journey time actually involved physically moving towards the destination.  Ah, the joy of air travel, and how to fill those hours of waiting.


3 thoughts on “The Absurdity of Air Travel

  1. Simon Coles (@simoncoles)

    I actually find the down time quite useful. You have to be organised but with a Kindle and an iPad (oh, how I love Pocket) I can get a lot of work and personal reading done, and if I can find a quite place I can get “real” work done as well.

    Reflecting back, this has got a lot easier with newer technology and easy WiFi.

    Now I’m organised, I really look forward to the peaceful time to focus on stuff that’s harder to find time for in the office.

  2. David Atkins

    Aaaaah… retirment time! The camera, the guitar, and a good woman. David


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