The Absurdity of Air Travel

How long does it take to get from A to B and back?  For my last trip ‘B’ was Dusseldorf; ‘A’; is a constant (Home).  Travel time A to Heathrow = 40mins, transfer from car park to terminal = 5mins, flight time = 60mins, transfer from airport to hotel = 15mins.  Adding up, it comes to a total of 2 hours door to door; double up because I came home, so 2  + 2 = 4; therefore it takes 4 hrs to get to Dusseldorf and back.  So why was the total elapsed time for my journey 13hrs?  Or to put it another way, only 30% of the journey time actually involved physically moving towards the destination.  Ah, the joy of air travel, and how to fill those hours of waiting.


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  • Servisair lounges. My recently discovered godsend.

  • I actually find the down time quite useful. You have to be organised but with a Kindle and an iPad (oh, how I love Pocket) I can get a lot of work and personal reading done, and if I can find a quite place I can get “real” work done as well.

    Reflecting back, this has got a lot easier with newer technology and easy WiFi.

    Now I’m organised, I really look forward to the peaceful time to focus on stuff that’s harder to find time for in the office.

  • David Atkins

    Aaaaah… retirment time! The camera, the guitar, and a good woman. David

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