All places on the verandah are taken!

By | October 27, 2012

The final three candidates have taken their place in music project No.2, ‘On the Verandah’.  The three, ‘In the Dark’, ‘Cassola’, and ‘In the Cittie’, are in the listing on My Music page, and are also on SoundCloud…….. and now on BandPage, but available here: Acorde on BandPage.  Acorde??? what’s that?  Well I have to have  a name…. it’s Spanish for ‘Chord’, so there’s a vague correlation with guitar music.

The big question is ‘what next?’  There’s a ‘sameness’ about some of the material in ‘Going Through the Phases’ and ‘On the Verandah’, so I need to diversify more.  ‘In the Dark’ and ‘Below Deck’ are a start, both with a bit more complexity in the melody lines, and the background; well, at least I think so.  If you have stumbled across this, and aren’t too bored or disgusted, leave a comment below; any help is welcome.


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