London 2012 – The Technology Team @Wembley

By | August 16, 2012

This is just an explanation of the role of the Technology Team at Wembley Stadium and how it was structured.  The team’s role was basically to provide the underlying technology to facilitate all aspects of communication within the venue.  This meant providing the infrastructure and all of the communications equipment such as PCs, fixed telephones, mobile phones, radios, televisions and other equipment to support LOCOG operational requirements in the venues, the distribution of information, and to meet the needs of the press, broadcasters, photographers.  In addition, provision was made for event continuity through the deployment of Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) in all communication cabinets and for the broadcast equipment.

The Team comprised a Venue Technology Manager, with four direct reports, a Venue IT Manager, a Venue Telecoms Manager, a Venue Results Manager and a Venue Logistics Manager.  Each of these managers had a team working for them:

The Venue Technology Manager’s team included a Deputy Technology Manager, a Mobilisation Coordinator and a Venue Technology Team Member (me!).  In case you’re wondering, the Mobilisation Coordinator was responsible for the volunteers.

The Venue IT Manager’s team was staffed by Atos employees and included IT Technician Team Members (Atos staff) and some GamesMakers.  The team also included a Service Desk, manned by Acer staff and assisted by GamesMakers.

The Venue Telecoms Manager’s Team was fully staffed by BT.

The Venue Results Manager’s team comprised LOCOG employees and Omega staff plus a team of GamesMakers whose role was to deliver results/stats/etc.

The Venue Logistics Manager had a team of staff who had the responsibility of transporting and delivering equipment within the venue.

Amusingly, each of the employees of the sponsors/suppliers of technology equipment had their own uniforms; LOCOG and GamesMakers had identical (GamesMaker) kit.  BT Staff had a black/blue combination, Atos had light blue and grey, Acer light green, white and grey, Xerox had white tops with the word ‘Technology’ in orange, and Omega had red and grey.  Atos were generally considered to be the gold medallists in the fashion stakes.

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