More music

By | July 3, 2012

Another candidate has made it on to the 2nd phase of my personal music project. This one is called Muppet; there’s a reason for the title, but that’s my secret 🙂

I keep wondering how many ‘latent’ musicians there are in the world. In two recent, and totally unrelated conversations I’ve come across a couple of guys who have a similar attitude to music as myself – completely enjoying the experience of making/playing music, but with no desire to seek fame and fortune; probably quite the opposite – happy to keep it as a hobby. One of them, Arran Oakes has an online presence – dig around on his website for some links to his music. The other guy, Joe, is going through the same phase I went through (see my earlier post), but the guitar and Garageband await! So, one day, I might be able to assemble a ‘virtual’ band, shipping files around to each other to add our own parts.

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