Plat du Jour

By | May 20, 2012

The latest addition to My Music is ‘Plat du Jour’.

I can’t say that there is any significance in the title, but it’s another step towards coming to terms with home recording. I’ve wrapped up phase one as a set of 12 recordings under the title of “Going through the Phases’. The terminology is associated with rugby – a set of phases of play where one team maintains possession of the ball; it could also apply to the phases of life; there’s a strange synergy here – in rugby the phases end in a turnover, i.e. a loss of possession. Perhaps it’s the same in life, except it’s the loss of your marbles….

‘Plat du Jour’, along with ‘Sahtain’ (the Lebanese equivalent of Bon Apetit) are the start of the next set.

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