Air Traffic Control

By | June 19, 2011

Isn’t it strange how a cassette tape now looks like an ancient relic? I still had a collection (until yesterday), unloved, unplayed – for years, and using up valuable space that could be used for the next set of relics. But…… inevitably, in amongst the heap was a copy of an after dinner speech, to some bankers (no comment), by an air traffic controller that I had completely forgotten about, but which ranks as one of the funniest (audio) recordings I’ve come across. I dread to think when it was recorded, but references to Concorde, and Pan-Am as the USA’s national airline give some clues.

Amazingly, a quick Google search identified the speaker as David Gunson, a CD version is available from Amazon, and I found an on-line copy you can listen to here:

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