Berlin, and business travel

By | March 7, 2011

To the uninitiated, business travel can seem exciting; to the initiated, its probably quite the opposite.  But occasionally a trip may crop up where there’s a chance to gain a bit of compensation for the hours spent hanging around airports, staring at hotel walls and sitting in restaurants on you own wondering if every other diner has you down for a sad loner.  A recent trip to Berlin (my first visit) for a conference afforded a few hours to become a tourist, so armed with a map and my camera, I set about exploring a few of the iconic venues of modern history that were just a short walk away from the conference hotel.  Some of the photos are here.  A few hours was barely enough to absorb the enormity of  the historical events that had unfolded within the city and to get a true sense of the regeneration that continues to take place.  I would like to go back, free of business commitments, to finish the job.

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