By | December 2, 2010

It has snowed.  This happens, even in England.  Getting from A to B becomes headline news.  The snow is so unfair; it lands on roads, on airport runways, on railway lines, and we don’t know how to get rid of it and our transport systems get all messed up.  Various organisations associated with transport arm their spokespersons with excuses; it was the wrong type of snow; it snowed at the wrong time; it snowed in the wrong month; its so unfair.  The government gets upset that we can’t get to our workplaces; they produce scary figures of how much money this unfair snow is costing the country; and they tell us there will be a review of how well the transport organisations are prepared to handle this disruption so that we will be better prepared in future.  But hang on, didn’t this all happen before, earlier this year, and the year before that, and other years?  Hmmmm, yes, I remember now; it was all that white stuff that fell on the roads and airport runways and railway lines, and it messed up all the transport systems, and we had reviews so that we would know how to cope with it in future.

So instead of wasting money on another national review, why not give everyone with a 4×4 a detachable snowplough to fit on their truck every time it snows.  That way, by the time the school run is over, the roads will be clear and all of us people with proper cars can go about our business.

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