A Year Through the Viewfinder

Some while back I posted an explanation of how my long-term interest in photography unintentionally evolved into me providing a voluntary service to charities and non-profits to cover in-house events for them.  It started with the Saracens Foundation back in 2014, and has grown, mainly by word of mouth (cos’ I’m dead cheap!!) to include: I’ve… Read More »

Horrible Histories – Great Britain 2016 – ……?

Index* David Cameron* Financial Crisis/Austerity* Nigel Farage* Brexit* Boris Johnson* Theresa May* Boris Johnson* Covid-19* Boris Johnson* Lockdowns* Dominic Cummings* Downing Street parties* Ukraine – Russian invasion* Boris Johnson* The Conservative Party* Energy prices* Liz Truss* Financial Crisis* Strikes And that’s just skimming across the surface with a few names and events. Did I miss… Read More »

Hey Boris

Hey Boris Hey Boris, I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch, but I see you’ve been getting into a bit of bother lately with all of this Prime Ministery stuff.  I’m still amazed that all of your old school chums pulled this prank on you, to shoe you in as Prime Minister just when… Read More »

The Genesis of PhaseFour

It was in 2005, as I opted to take my leave of the corporate world and set up my own consultancy business in Laboratory Informatics, I was faced with a problem familiar to anyone opting to start a business: what will my company name be?  Hours, days, weeks went past, desperate for ideas to produce the… Read More »

Shall I, Shan’t I, and the Evolution of Pha5e!

Indecision! Having spent about 6 or 7 years undertaking the occasional photography project for a number of different charities and non-profits on a voluntary basis, it crossed my mind several times whether I should ‘brand’ myself. One thing that definitely is not on the agenda is to turn professional! There’s something about doing things voluntarily,… Read More »

Let’s talk about coffee

A short while ago I made a comment on a website devoted mainly to Scotch Whisky, about some similarities in the process of producing certain drinks, i.e. sourcing of raw materials, the equipment involved, and the production process. I also referred to the subtleties of flavour and taste, that generate interest and debate. And of… Read More »

Garden Birdlife in the Pandemic

There aren’t many positives to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic, and I have no data to back this up, but with less people out and about messing up and polluting the environment, it would make sense that Mother Nature has been able to take advantage. A simple way of observing whether there’s any truth… Read More »

Off to Hell in a Handcart

A week or so ago, a friend asked me whether this was the end of the world?  Seemed to be a quite amusing question at the time, but in retrospect, it did make me think.  But no, I don’t think 2020 is the end of the world; we haven’t reached the ‘off to hell in a handcart’… Read More »

In Days Gone By

Somewhere in the bowels of this website, there’s a post entitled ‘About music’ which I wrote over 10 years ago.  It served as an explanation, reason or excuse for my indulgence in playing the guitar, a journey hampered by limited talent and no knowledge of music theory but fuelled by wishful thinking.  The post provided an account… Read More »

Boris’ Adventures in Wonderland

Boris’ Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Boris in Wonderland) is a modern tale that tells of an idle, flippant and complacent being who fell through a rabbit hole into a subterranean fantasy world populated by peculiar, populist and nonsensical creatures. Synopsis Chapter One – Down the Rabbit Hole: Boris, a dishevelled layabout in an ill-fitting Oxfam… Read More »